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Art Attack Animation

We create compelling stories that attract the senses of your audience, and urge them to try out your offerings.

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Animation is all about elaboration of an idea through rendering and entrancement.

It’s a poetry in motion; an art of storytelling through relatable characters by utilizing endless possibilities of the medium.

It’s an adventure of bringing to life characters and their universes, to keep the target audience interactively engaged.

Our animation capabilities are the launching pads to skyrocket your big story ideas…

…because when technique is in harmony with narrative, it becomes a
fundamental storytelling device!

About Art Attack Animation

We illustrate your offerings through our aweinspiring

We emphasize on tools and techniques that best communicate your
message to the audience.

Through our sophisticated simulations, we breathe life into your stories and set your projects apart from the rest.

We value our relationship with our clients as a priority and a point of pride.

So, let’s join forces to artfully “attack” your target audience with our animation based on your ideas…

…And watch your business reach greater heights!

WHY US (1)

Why Us?

We are a young company of like-minded independent specialist consultants.

We possess a myriad of skills that will help you achieve your project targets in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

We are more than merely animators!

Our team operates as an extension of your team to help you achieve desired success.

At ART ATTACK ANIMATION, we consider ourselves enterprising associates…
…who connect with you to successfully complete each project together.

We don’t just create glorious stuff… We craft the message your customers want to hear, and one that you can deliver on.

Services We Offer

Our Creations

AVT Gold Cup Tea

By Art Attack Animation

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

By Art Attack Animation

The GreyOrange Butler Robot

By Art Attack Animation

Chocolate Horlicks

By Art Attack Animation


by Art Attack Animation

Crompton Ceiling Fan

By Art Attack Animation

Crompton LYOR: India's first 5 Star LED Lamp

By Art Attack Animation

Apollo Munich Health Insurance

By Art Attack Animation

Cadbury Bournvita Doraemon 3D Animation

By Art Attack Animation


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